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💋 Detailed Session Questionnaire 
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💋Hair & Makeup by our Licensed Cosmetologist
💋Access to our Lingerie & Jewelry Closet (Sizes S-4X)
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At the end of your session, you'll get to see all of the products we offer in person. Then, 1-2 weeks later, we'll meet over Zoom to check out all of your beautiful new photos & order your products. The minimum order requirement for digital images, albums, acrylic blocks, or wall art is $1000. 



There are COUNTLESS boudoir photographers in Dallas, but I’m SO glad I found Candace. She’s very flexible, fun, & easy to work with. I’m not a model at all; she helped me with posing & what to do with my facial expressions. It was obvious she wanted to make sure I ended with the desired photos. Her hair & makeup artist made me feel like a straight up Victoria's Secret bombshell! I couldn't be happier & I’ve told all of my girlfriends!


WOW I'm still shocked I did the shoot, but enjoyed every minute...This was an amazing experience from my makeup/hair, the outfits, the studio (😍) and Candace...I was sooo nervous, but Candace made me feel so welcomed and made the shoot fun and comfortable. Even getting a glimpse at the pics was exciting. Ladies, if you're thinking about it, take the risk and do it. I Promise you will love it! 💗💗Thank you, Candace!


I was so nervous but had always wanted to take boudoir photos. I booked about 6 months out and when I had my shoot in November, I was blown away. I had my makeup professionally done as well as my hair. Candace made me feel so at ease and more like catching up with an old friend. We laughed and talked through the entire session and you can see in my photos she melted away all my doubts and nerves. I am so happy she helped me achieve such gorgeous photos that I can be proud of for the rest of my life. If you're on the fence, just book. You deserve to see you how others see you, and Candace can show you through her lens.



I loved working with Candace and Beautiful You Studios so much! I will treasure these gorgeous pictures for years to come! I seriously can’t wait to take more & in fact, have already booked another session with her!

If anyone is on the fence about doing a boudoir photo session with Candace, DO IT!!! You can't imagine how powerful it makes you feel. I felt like I was able to handle anything that came my way. At this time in my life, I really wanted to do something for myself. Now I can say, "I'm glad I did it," not  "I wish I had." Thank you again, Candace. Now, I'm off to conquer anything & everything that comes my way.



I had a wonderful experience. I was super hesitant at first since this was way out of my comfort zone and even walking in, I was way super shy but I am so glad I did this. Candace had me looking and feeling like a queen! She is truly talented!!

It’s so empowering to see yourself in this light. This is the heaviest I’ve been, the most out of shape I’ve been, & of course, the oldest I’ve ever been, yet I was able to do a boudoir shoot that portrayed me in a light I’ve never seen myself in. Cellulite, flabby arms, none of it matters...this made my day. Ya’ll, if you don’t feel like you have anyone in your life that sees you as beautiful including yourself, invest in a boudoir shoot. It’s so worth it. I’ve done two shoots with Candace so far & am already planning my 3rd. Thank you so much Candace, you’re amazing!


Candace, these pictures are absolutely beautiful! You are a wonderfully talented artist, and I’m so glad it was you that I worked with on this experience. Your feedback during the shoot was so encouraging! And I must agree, these photos are stunning! Your posing, your attention to detail, you desire to capture the perfect images…OMG! I’m blown away, and so are all my family and friends who I’ve shared my images with. To see myself in this light is everything I could have hoped for and didn’t know I needed. Thank you so much for this experience! What a confidence builder! A super affirmational experience...Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



My husband loved his gift and I loved the experience. Definitely gave me more confidence and Candace was so helpful and professional throughout the entire process.


This was by far the coolest thing I’ve ever done for myself. Candace is the kindest & coolest person to work with. I felt comfortable & confident in my skin. I listened to her & trusted everything she said to make sure my pictures turned out great. From the beginning to the end, it was a phenomenal journey & I just want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Anybody, no matter what size you are, I encourage you to do it. I will never forget this as long as I live!


Candace is an amazing photographer! She made me feel comfortable & also made the experience fun. It really brought me out of my shell. Definitely recommend!

What is there not to like!? Candace and her work is amazing! She makes you feel so comfortable and knows how to emphasize your natural beauty. I highly recommend going to her for your photos as you will surely not be disappointed. I can confidently say you will have an experience that will boost your confidence and produce beautiful, quality photos!



I still cry every time I watch the video from my shoot. I will never forget how I felt that day and how exhilarating it was. It showed me that I AM BEAUTIFUL! Since the shoot, I've continued to love myself for who I am. I've focused on my health & in 2 years I've lost a total of 86 pounds. To any women out there who think they can’t do this because they're not thin enough or have no idea how to pose, I'm here to tell you to go for it. Candace will help you every step of the way!

I love, love, loved!! the experience and professionalism I received. I’ve never taken professional photos, or had a photo shoot. When I arrived, I didn’t know what to expect and my nerves were a little jumpy. Candace and her team welcomed me and quickly put my nerves at ease. They were just a joy to meet and a pleasure to work with. My photos are top notch!!!! I mean, I look like a model even to myself. I’m encouraged and elated from this experience. If you’re looking to do a boudoir photo shoot. Candace is the best!! and I recommend her and her team to you.



This was such a great experience. I felt so comfortable posing for the pictures. She makes you feel beautiful!

This was my first photo shoot like this! I was pretty nervous before I got there but Candace quickly made me feel comfortable. She walked me through every single position, and complimented/hyped me up the whole photo shoot. I absolutely loved my entire experience. I can’t wait to see my pictures! I will definitely be booking another session with Candace. Thank you so much for everything!



What really impresses me with Candace is her attention to detail: She captured my undertones which is important to me as a dark-skinned woman, she showed me how to pose all the way down to my facial expressions & she had me make settle changes that made a huge difference. I was just in absolute heaven once I got my boudoir album in. It’s one thing to do the shoot, quite another to see it in print - I’m actually in awe. If you’re on the fence, just do it. Candace created a beautiful space, there’s so much light & so many different props, & she has an amazing sense of humor. GO FOR IT. It’s worth every penny.


I absolutely LOVE Candace and her team! They make you feel like a goddess! Candace not only teaches you how to pose and smolder, but she also relaxes you and you end up having a blast! I cried when I saw my pictures because I finally saw what others see, and it wasn’t my flaws! Candace is the BEST photographer around and well worth every penny spent!


Candace was a jewel to work with and made me feel like a goddess. She helps you and guides you through the whole process from lingerie selection to the perfect smile, of which I don't have. Thank you for a wonderful experience and as I am sure you heard from my husband in the background he was VERY pleased with the results!


I had done a boudoir photo shoot before, but working with Candace -I felt more comfortable and at ease. She has a fun personality and her calm demeanor made me feel relaxed. The quality of her pictures and the experience as a whole was totally worth it. She made me feel sexy in my mama skin & gave me a new perspective on my body during this time. Her studio has lots of different backdrops/scenery to keep things lively. If you’re wanting to get a boudoir shoot done, Candace is your girl.

I’m 51 and this boudoir session was a birthday gift to myself. I’m not going to be 51 forever & not always going to look the way I do now, so I chose to do this experience to at least one day be able to look back & have a memory from when I was young. This was a very empowering experience & I think all women should try it at least once in their lives. I can’t even tell you how great you feel & it’s not as hard as you’d think. She walks you through it all & makes you feel extremely comfortable, & all of the pictures she takes are very classy. Thank you so much Candace, I love every picture. 


Candace was absolutely amazing to work with. She made the environment comfortable and made sure we were both having fun! Honestly, it was the best boudoir experience I’ve ever had & I’ve done 2 other boudoir shoots before. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is on the fence!


I was nervous about getting boudoir photos done, but Candace is very professional and made feel comfortable. She took a ton of photos so we could narrow it down to some I ended up loving. My boyfriend loves all of them and I guess that’s what really counts. 😉



I would have never imagined doing something like this, but I’m so grateful that I did. I’m so happy with the final product and the awesome experience! ♥️ You owe it to yourself to celebrate you!

Stepping into my fierce femininity after several setbacks in life has been the best thing I could have done for myself. I love having these photos to see the essence of ME rising up & staring back at me. I never knew photography could speak so loudly, but I am in LOVE!! It's truly an art & an incredible outlet of expression. Looking forward to doing it again. I'm so glad I just took the plunge and said YES. Thank you for helping me see ME again!! 



WOW what an experience! Candace makes you feel comfortable and sexy. with so many poses it was hard to choose which pictures i wanted. Great gift idea for yourself or a loved one

I had never done a photoshoot like this before but it was so much fun. Candace make the experience enjoyable and made me feel so comfortable. The photos we all absolutely amazing and had such a hard time deciding on which ones I wanted to keep. This is definitely a must do at least once in every women’s life.


What a dream come true from start to finish! Candace has a true gift at making you feel comfortable & beautiful! All her emails prior to the shoot left no questions unanswered. I had a perfect idea from the communication what to expect. Her hair & makeup artist made me look amazing. She gave me the exact look I was hoping for. The whole process is like something you see in the movies!


Candace is amazing. I had trouble narrowing my images down, I wanted everything. If you haven’t made an appointment with her, you need to do it, because this boudoir shoot is probably my most favorite thing in the whole world that I’ve ever done. I’m not a very adventurous person, I tend to stay nice & quiet at home, but she made the whole experience very comfortable throughout the entire thing. I love my boudoir album, I’m so glad I did it. 


The boudoir album arrived & it's beautiful. I'm so impressed with the quality of it. Your ability to capture me in natural light & pose me just right is AMAZING! I gave it to him & he LOVED it!! I'm quite sure he looked through it no less than 6 times. He went over every page and talked about each image. He said you made me look like a supermodel which was super sweet. Thank you, girl!!



I booked Candace for an anniversary gift to my husband. When I walked in to her studio I was very nervous and worked myself into an upset stomach. She made me feel relaxed and at ease. She was very professional and sweet. I am beyond happy with the pics and my experience.

Candace does amazing work! If you ever plan to be in Dallas and dare to get out of your comfort zone....this was very empowering! She makes you feel very comfortable and draws you out so that you can have the best experience and have fun as well. You won’t be disappointed!


I’m a work from home mom of 2 boys so my opportunities to feel beautiful are few & far between. My uniform everyday is a t-shirt and yoga pants. Candace worked her magic and made me feel like a movie star! I loved all of the well thought out props she thought of for my boudoir session. Take some time out for yourself and feel beautiful with Candace!



The BEST experience of my life!!!!! Candace works some crazy good magic with the camera and Zeni works wonders with hair and makeup. Definitely something I would do again.


It has almost been a year since my boudoir shoot with Candace and I still look through my album when I feel down or not so sure about myself for that boost of confidence. I quickly remember what a fun and empowering day it was and get that recharge of fierceness that I need! This is so much more than just pictures - it’s confidence/self reassurance!

SHILO (a bliind client)

Thanks Candace for such an amazing experience. The whole thing was so much fun. My husband was shocked & thrilled over the pictures. Big thanks for your patience and helping to figure out how to get me looking directly at the camera...I have used the technique several times since the shoot.

This was the most empowering, confidence boosting experience of my adult life. Candace is an amazing woman that is a great photographer. If I could I would do this every year for the rest of my life!



Candace was very hands on leading up to the shoot, addressing any concerns I had, taking the time to help me with the wardrobe. I was nervous going into it as it's completely out of my comfort zone, but those feelings went away once I met Candace. She's very welcoming & made me feel beautiful. I fell in love with all the pictures. It was wonderful seeing myself through someone else's eyes. I will definitely be going to her again in the future!

Candace did such a great job helping me settle my nerves. This was the first time I've tried something like this and her calm and chill attitude did a world to help. She had just moved to a new studio and the natural light, the floors, and photo ops abound. This experience helped my self-confidence and will continue to in the wall art & boudoir album I chose. I won't be hanging it in my closet or bathroom, but out where everyone can see. Candace is very talented, made me feel pretty, and was able to capture some images that made me feel so as well. Thanks Beautiful You Studios. I will be back!


Candace, just want to say thank you for a wonderful shoot yesterday! It felt like I had known you forever and we were just having afternoon girl time. You are a kindred spirit full of life and a breath of fresh air! Thanks again!


I was nervous as I had never done anything like this before, but within minutes I felt so comfortable. This shoot meant a lot to me as it was a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband who is currently in Afghanistan, & it was perfect. I looked and felt like a queen, I enjoyed every minute of my shoot, and my photos came out amazing. Most importantly, my husband loved his gift. A big thank you for making this such a wonderful experience!



Candace is a truly talented photographer and I can't wait to work with her again. She has an amazing eye, is unbelievably professional, and starts on time! This was a magnificent experience!

My experience with Beautiful You Studios is difficult to put into words! I have always struggled with my self-confidence & was afraid that my anxiety would ruin it, but Candace and her group were absolutely amazing. They made me feel absolutely amazing and beautiful, I felt like a million dollars & was on Cloud 9 by the time I left. I would absolutely do it again!! Candace, you will never know how this experience changed my life and I will always be grateful to you! ❤



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