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Boudoir photography is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, skinny or curvy, or have acne & scars. If you want a day to feel beautiful while the camera is focused on you, a boudoir shoot is the way to go!

Let go of your fear, forget about your flaws,  embrace your freckles & wrinkles. Boudoir pictures aren't about seducing someone, but tastefully celebrating the beautiful woman God made when He made you. Thinking you could never look like one of the women on this page?  

Think again - 90% of the women here had never done a photo shoot before, but I'm pretty good at showing women how to pose. Do it for yourself, or do it as a gift to give your significant other; the reason really doesn't matter - just do it!

After you book a session, I'll email you a questionnaire so I can learn more about how you've always dreamt of being photographed.

dream shoot questionnaire



wardrobe styling

During the wardrobe styling phase, I'll send you my shopping guide full of outfit ideas and you can text  or email photos of items you're considering for additional help.


Boudoir sessions are shot in studio or outdoors. Other sessions are shot outdoors. Customization options include AirBNBs, hotels, or other locations of your choice.

location options


The day of your shoot, one of my amazing licensed artists will do your hair and makeup.

hair & Makeup


You won't have to worry about how to pose. As a former model, I used to teach at a modeling school. I will show you exactly what to do & offer a "monkey see, monkey do" approach to posing. 

posing guidance


By request, sessions can include a 30 second behind the scenes video filmed at no additional cost, though there is a cost if you want it on DVD.



About 1 week after your shoot, I'll show you your images & you'll select the ones you want to buy. They'll then be retouched & you'll get your order 2-3 weeks later. Rush processing is available at additional cost.

photo viewing



that puts

in focus.


the scenes

what goes on


We love helping women see their beauty! Hover over the images to see the amazing transformations we are honored to have been a part of!






Our studio is located in the Highland Park area of Dallas, Texas. Featuring beautiful natural light, calming Scandi-Boho decor in a neutral color palette that won't clash with your clothing, modern furniture, & a bathtub for milk bath sessions, the options for photos we can create here are limitless! We're also available on-location for clients who want a more custom experience.


I still cry every time I watch the video from my shoot. I will never forget how I felt that day and how exhilarating it was. It was very eye opening for me as it showed me that I AM BEAUTIFUL! Since the shoot, I've continued to love myself for who I am and haven't allowed anyone the privilege of making me doubt my self worth. I've continued to focus on my health & in 2 years I've lost a total of 86 pounds. To any women out there who think they can’t do this because they're not thin enough or have no idea how to pose, I'm here to tell you to go for it. Candace is an awesome person, a phenomenal photographer, & she'll help you every step of the way! Thank you again Candace, you have made an extraordinary impact in my life & I'm forever thankful! 

& i still cry



I had the wonderful opportunity of shooting with Candace. It was something completely out of my comfort zone. She was very hands on during the time leading up to the shoot, addressing any concerns I had...taking the time to really understand me and helping with the wardrobe. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous going into it, but all those feelings went away once I met her. She was very welcoming & personable and made me feel beautiful. I just had my viewing and fell in love with all the was wonderful seeing myself through someone else's eyes. I will definitely be going to her again in the future!

candace is very personable

i felt beautiful!


Candace is a truly talented photographer and I can't wait to work with her again. She has an amazing eye, is unbelievably professional, and starts on time! This was a magnificent experience!

a magnificent experience

truly talented


I’m a work from home mom of two little boys so my opportunities to feel beautiful are sometimes few & far between. My uniform everyday is a t-shirt and yoga pants. Candace worked her magic and made me feel like a movie star! I loved all of the well thought out props she thought of for my Bohemian boudoir shoot. Take some time out for yourself and feel beautiful with Candace!

candace put me at ease!

i was nervous but...


What a dream come true from start to finish! Candace has a true gift at making you feel comfortable & beautiful! All her email correspondences prior to the shoot left no questions unanswered. I had a perfect idea from the communication what to expect. Her hair & makeup artist made me look amazing. She gave me the exact look I was hoping for. The whole process is like something you see in the movies!

a process like you see in movies!

extremely professional


The boudoir album arrived & it is beautiful. I am so impressed with the quality of it. Your ability to capture me in natural light & pose me just right is AMAZING! I gave it to him & he LOVED it!! I'm quite sure he looked through it no less than 6 times. He went over every page and talked about each image. He said you made me look like a supermodel which was super sweet. Thank you, girl!!

& said i look like a supermodel

he loved it


I had been looking for a boudoir photographer for a month when I came across Candace’s work, & knew I had to have her! I was nervous as I had never done anything like this before, but within minutes I felt so comfortable. This shoot meant a lot to me as it was a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband who is currently in Afghanistan, & it was perfect. I looked and felt like a queen, I enjoyed every minute of my shoot, and my photos came out amazing. Most importantly, my husband loved his gift. A big thank you to the team for making this such a wonderful experience!

and he loved his gift

i felt like a queen


Thank you again! It was a wonderful & liberating experience. You made things very comfortable & easy for this mama of two grown boys despite my self-criticizing nature. I couldn't be happier with my boudoir pictures.

liberating expereince

a wonderful &


Non-refundable session fee of $350 includes shoot planning, wardrobe consultation, complimentary hair & makeup, pose coaching during your 1.5 hour, up to 3 outfit shoot and a photo viewing. During the viewing, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of products including digital images, canvas gallery wraps, albums, & loose prints. For more detailed pricing info, click the button below to request our pricing guide.



coco chanel


you decide

begins the moment

to be




I remember my first photoshoot; the photographer just told me, "Go stand over there," then never gave any direction after that. I felt really awkward & as a result, there were only 1 out of 100+ photos that I liked. This is NOT how I work. I direct you all the way down to your fingertips. Even if you've never done something like this before, you don't need to worry with a modeling coach (I used to model) by your side! Additionally, you won't have to wait until your viewing to see how beautiful you are as I will show you the back of my camera during the shoot. A lot of photographers don't want you to see un-retouched photos, but I believe that showing them during the shoot helps women become more comfortable in their own skin based on my own experiences in front of the camera. Gradually, as I show you great picture after great picture, your confidence will increase which will lead to the dreamy photos you've always wanted. Most of my clients end up wanting ALL of the photos that I take. :)

Nope! While everyone you see on this site gave us permission to share their boudoir pictures, you don't have to. I would of course LOVE to share yours to show other women how empowering a boudoir shoot can be, but I also understand the need for privacy. Many clients give me full discretion to choose images for my portfolio, some prefer that only faceless images appear online, some prefer to choose the images that are posted, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted as long as it’s after the images have been gifted. Just let me know your preferences & I'll be sure to honor them.

Q: I've never done something like this before & have no idea how to pose...will my pictures turn out ok?

Q: I'm a really private person. do my pictures have to go online?

While it's common to do a shoot for a significant other, that doesn't have to be YOUR reason. A boudoir shoot is about connecting with your own beauty. It's one of the greatest investments you can make for your self-esteem. It's like a therapy session & confidence boost in one. The best part is that you can look back at the photos again & again for years to come if you ever need to be reminded of just how beautiful you are. Do it for YOURSELF, yo! :)

q: i don't have anyone special to give the pictures to. IS THIS REALLY WORTH IT?

Don't worry, I do wardrobe consultations! After you book your session with me, I'll email you my Lingerie Guide which includes advice on how to choose the best lingerie for your body type (you might already have pieces you can use in your closet!), direct links to various items you can buy, & links to some of my favorite online lingerie stores if you need to go shopping (HINT: There's better places to shop at than Victoria's Secret!). If you need advice, you'll have my personal cell phone at your disposal to text photos of items you're considering during business hours.

Q: i have no idea what to wear...HELP!




My goal is to photograph every woman in a way that celebrates her God-given femininity. I believe that implied nudity can be done in a tasteful, artistic way & am happy to photograph you with all sensitive areas covered, I just don't post anything beyond what you'd see at the beach online due to my personal convictions. That being said, if you're looking for really provocative poses or you're looking for full nudity that showcases all your bits & pieces, even if you plan to keep such images private, I'm not the photographer for you as that's beyond my comfort level.

My goal is to help you feel beautiful in your own skin so I mostly rely on strategic poses & angles to play down "problem" areas. That being said, everyone wants to feel like they stepped out of a magazine & delivering a polished image is part of that feeling. So yes, I do minor retouching in Photoshop. I will polish your natural beauty in the most natural way possible so that you still look like you. However, it's against my morals to do drastic retouching. Examples of drastic retouching include completely removing all wrinkles from a 50 year old to make her look 20, or taking a size 12 & slimming her to a size 2. If that's what you're looking for, I'm not the photographer for you. :)



While I've done my best to represent women of all sizes & colors, I seem to have trouble convincing more mature women to book a boudoir session. I just want you to know, boudoir shoots are for EVERYONE, no matter your age!! If you've never felt beautiful, it's never too late, you are never too old, to treat yourself to an experience like this. Please don't let the lack of mature women on my website deter you from being the brave one. Beauty is found at ALL stages of life. Let me help you see beautiful YOU!


I'm hoping you'll book my team & I for the full experience. However, I understand that you might have reasons for doing your own hair & makeup. While there are no discounts for doing so, you're welcome to it, just let me know when you book that you won't be using my artist so I can be sure not to schedule her.


YES! I LOVE to travel & usually plan a trip to at least one city outside of Dallas per year to photograph new clients. Current destination shoot goals include LA, Vegas, Ireland, & Greece. I'm also willing to come to you anywhere in the US at no additional cost if you + at least 2 friends pre-pay for collections. Or, I'll go anywhere in the world just for you if you cover my flight, hotel, & pre-pay for a collection. Contact me for more info!

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