I just wanted to say again how talented you are! Your photography skills are AMAZING and you are worth every penny you charge. I LOVE my new glamour photos...thank you!!


beautiful photos

worth every penny


Working with Beautiful You Studios was an amazing experience. Candace & her team really worked with us through the whole process, picking out clothes, picking out locations...she really took the time to get to know Kaleigh, to really learn about her personality & what makes Kaleigh so beautifully unique. We are so blessed to have worked with Candace & her team. They were so professional & made Kaleigh feel so beautiful. I really would not work with anyone else through this whole process. If you’re looking for a senior photographer for your daughter, I would highly, highly recommend Candace & her team!


SHE CAPTURED what makes kaleigh 

beautifully unique

The whole process doing glamour photos with Beautiful You Studios was amazing. It felt like a wedding day because of the excitement leading up to the shoot and going to the salon & getting my hair & makeup done. I remember thinking “When I get married, this is the look I'm going for.” Then as we did the shoot, every single person we passed by told me how beautiful I looked, it made me feel like a model. I’ve always had this dream of being a plus-sized model since I was in 8th grade and I felt like my dream came true. The experience working with Candace was awesome as well…she knows what she’s doing & takes really good care to make sure every single photo is perfect! I’m so inspired by her work ethic and how hard she works to please her customers and make sure they feel beautiful! l could go on and on and on and on...                                                                                           
                       ~ NICOLE, GLAMOUR CLIENT

she made my childhood

dreams come true

Every time I watch the behind the scenes video from my boudoir shoot I still cry. I will never forget as long as a I live how I felt that day and how exhilarating it was. It was a very eye opening experience for me and it showed me that I AM BEAUTIFUL! Since that photo shoot I have continued to love myself for who I am and I have not allowed anyone the privilege of making me doubt my self worth! In two years I have continued to focus on me and my health and I have lost a total of 86 pounds. To any women out there who think they can’t do this because they are not thin enough or have no idea how to pose, I am here to tell you to go for it. Candace is an awesome person and a phenomenal photographer and she will help you every step of the way! Thank you again Candace, you have made a extraordinary impact in my life and I am forever thankful!


cry everytime i watch the video

IT'S BEEN two years and I still

After receiving blah senior photos from another photographer, I hired Candace & I couldn’t be more pleased. The pictures are fantastic, professional, and capture Jordan's youth and beauty perfectly. From the makeup artist, to the location, to the photos, the follow-up, everything, Candace does a Class-A job. She has a true skill with photography, light, color, location, timing, pose, everything. She made the experience a bright and beautiful day in our memories that we can experience again and again through the photos. Job well done!


a bright & beautiful day


Candace has such a sweet and exuberant personality that she makes you feel so comfortable posing for personal branding photos. This was my first experience doing a photo shoot, & it was AMAZING. I was super nervous about the whole thing beforehand, but she walked me through every step, and every detail was prepared and fabulous. She puts so much work and passion into what she does and it ultimately shows in every photo. Totally loved the outcome of mine. My friends and family couldn't stop complimenting her work either when they saw my pics. I want to some day soon give the gift of doing a photo shoot with Candace to someone I love. It was a special moment for me and I know it'll be for them. Totally recommend!   

                        ~ CELINA, BRANDING CLIENT

it was my first time doing a shoot

she made me feel so comfortable

Had such a great boudoir photography experience with Candace! I was in search of someone to take photographs for my husband who is currently deployed and I am so pleased at the way they turned out. I was nervous as I am sure most first time boudoir clients are, however she made me feel at ease and put care into her work. Totally recommend her as a photographer!

                   ~ GERIANNA, BOUDOIR CLIENT

i was nervous about doing a boudoir shoot

but candace put me at ease

i'm finally

ok with how i look

Years ago, I never would've done something like this, ever. I gagged at even the thought of makeup. Same for dresses. And pictures? Well, they had me running for the hills. I felt like I wasn't what pictures, nice clothes, and nice make up were worth. I felt disgusted with myself and it seemed like nothing would ever change. But yet, here I am feeling the complete opposite of whoever I was years ago. I have come to terms with who I am. And I love this me. I feel okay with this me. I AM okay with this me. I AM okay with my body & everything about me. I AM confident in me, myself, & I, and I would never change anything because who else do I have to be other than me? Thank you Beautiful You Studios for helping me to break through my shell and giving me the confidence I have always needed and wanted through these senior pictures. Thank you so much.


Candace is such an AMAZING photographer...gifted, knowledgeable, creative, and FUN!! Thank you so much for the beautiful personal branding photos. I absolutely love them and look forward to working with you again!

                 ~ KRISTIN, BRANDING CLIENT

candace is gifted,
knowledgeable, creative, & FUN!!

I had been looking for a boudoir photographer for a month when I came across Candace’s work, & knew I had to have her! I was nervous as I had never done anything like this before, but within minutes I felt so comfortable. I brought 10 outfits, a bunch of jewelry, & a zillion shoes still not knowing what I wanted to wear. Fortunately, while I was getting my hair & makeup done (in the exact dreamy, steamy bedroom look I had wanted), Candace rocked out 4 amazing outfits for me. This shoot meant a lot to me as it was a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband who is currently in Afghanistan, & it was perfect. I looked and felt like a queen, I enjoyed every minute of my shoot, and my photos came out amazing. Most importantly, my husband loved his gift. A big thank you to the team for making this such a wonderful experience!


i got the exact dreamy, steamy look I WANTED AND

he loved his gift

Thank you again! It was a wonderful & liberating experience. You made things very comfortable & easy for this mama of two grown boys despite my self-criticizing nature. I couldn't be happier with the boudoir pictures.


a wonderful
 & liberating


WOW! Candace was so lovely and kind. I had an absolute blast and I loved every photograph. These senior pictures look so professional yet capture real live moments in action! These were some of the best photos I've ever had done - and I've been in Seventeen Magazine. She really does an amazing job and makes sure you're comfortable at all times when taking pictures. Would highly recommend!! :)

                      ~ GISELLE, YOUTUBE STAR

the best photos


The boudoir album arrived & it is beautiful. I am so impressed with the quality of it. Your ability to capture me in natural light & pose me just right is AMAZING! I gave it to him & he LOVED it!! I'm quite sure he looked through it no less than 6 times. He went over every page and talked about each image. He said you made me look like a super model which was super sweet. Thank you, girl!!

                        ~VICKI, BOUDOIR CLIENT

he said I look like

a super model

I will admit that I have self-confidence issues, I never think I look good in photos. But Candace made both my boyfriend and I feel like models during my prom pictures. My boyfriend is not a fan of photos in general but he LOVED them! He was comfortable and did not complain at all! This is my third prom photography session and all three of them were with different photographers. Candace was my number one favorite and I would go to her again for another session. These are the BEST prom pictures I have now!!


even my boyfriend

had fun