Recently, Candace wanted to see if she could get published in her dream mag, Retro Lovely Magazine, and we DID in their Jan 2024 issue!

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PUBLISHED: Retro Lovely Magazine | Lisa

Starting of 2024 strong with ANOTHER magazine cover! This time with the beautiful Kelsey for the amazing Stories Magazine.

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PUBLISHED: Stories Magazine | Kelsey

And another one! We are so excited to announce that we have been selected for the cover of Vigour Magazine for a second time!

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PUBLISHED: Vigour Magazine | Tanya

We are excited to announce that we got ANOTHER magazine cover!! This time, it’s the prestigious Vigour Magazine.

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PUBLISHED: Vigour Magazine | Estee

Worried about how to pose? Don’t be. I used to model professionally AND taught at a modeling school…check out my portfolio.


Worried About How to Pose?

So this might be a little controversial, but I feel it needs to be discussed. Awhile ago I spent $4,000 on a shoot (only shared to show that this was not a cheap photographer, but a luxury one like myself) & I’ve gotten 0 response when I’ve asked when to expect my photos, even offering […]


Why You Should Hire a Photography Company vs. An Individual

Have you been looking for reasons to book a boudoir shoot in Dallas? If you think you need to justify pampering yourself, read this!

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13 Reasons Why You Should Do a Boudoir Shoot in Dallas


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